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Pay Less Income Tax

Since income tax is something that impacts most of us, we have worked for many years to ensure that we, our clients, our families and our community members pay no more income tax than absolutely necessary.

Very few accounting and tax preparation services have the understanding necessary with respect to Indian Status, reserve life, the Indian Act and Canada Revenue Agency's tax exempt income guidelines to comprehensively document the opportunities available to Status Indians to minimize or eliminate their tax obligations.

Let us help you  work towards maximizing your disposable income by reducing your taxable income.

Strategic Tax Planning

In consultation with you and your employer, we will review the nature of your work related tasks.

From this review, we will identify the aspects of your work activities that may help to classify some of your work or business as tax exempt.

Once we have identified the areas to focus on, we will develop a plan to establish the documentation that will be required to support the tax exempt portion of your income.

We will also look at the feasibility of documenting what portion of your annual pensionable earnings may qualify for tax exemption.  We will work to establish the calculation for the exempt portion of your Canada Pension Plan as well as the exempt portion of any work pension plan.

We can also work with you to review your investment and business portfolios to identify areas which could be restructured to avoid or minimize future taxes.

Tax Preparation

You can send us your information electronically and we will process your tax return accordingly.  We may need to communicate with you to obtain additional information to properly complete your tax return.

We prepare tax returns, which includes various sources of income including employment income, pension income, investment income, rental income, business income, capital gains and other income both domestic and foreign.

For taxpayers with certain types of pension income, we will determine if there are any pension splitting opportunities.

Families receiving the Canada Child Benefit (CCB) may see an increase in the amount of monthly benefit by realizing some amount of tax exempt income.