About Us

We are a 100% owned and operated Indigenous accounting, income consulting and tax preparation service.  We are based exclusively at Six Nations of the Grand River.

Our staff and partners have several decades of First Nations income tax preparation experience.  Our goal is to help to reduce or eliminate your income tax obligations.  In some cases, our clients may already have tax exempt income identified on their tax slips.  In other cases, we may need to work with our clients and their employers to identify, and document some tax exempt income components to their employment income.

In recognition of the importance of the Harvest in our respective Indigenous cultures, we have implemented a Harvest Contribution, which includes a Harvest Distribution model.  To date, certain cultural and language programs that are either not funded or under funded have benefited from this program. 

We go far beyond just crunching numbers based on your tax documents.  When our staff works with you and your employer, both you and your family can benefit significantly.